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6155 Huntley Road suite o, Columbus, Ohio 43229


+1 614-505-0910


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  • Jon Herbst
    Posted Jan, 29 2020
    IPA is worth the money, worth the time, and you'll get results.

    I am not being compensated, nor was I asked by anyone to write this review. I don't write reviews, but IPA deserves a good one.

    To give you some basis of my review, I'm middle-aged, and NOT a Crossfit fanatic. I have been a member of 4 Crossfit gyms in about 6 years, and have hit a few others as a drop in, both nearby gyms and while traveling. Although I don't have negative feedback I would post about the other gyms, IPA is the best I'm my opinion.

    Dave is a superb coach. I met him at the second gym I joined and I was still a novice. He worked with me on my skills where previous coaches did not take the time, and I made fast, significant improvements. Dave has a deep understanding of Crossfit and kinesiology, patiently teaching others. He is an ideal coach for anyone including kids, people like me who are not so athletically inclined, all the way to competitive athletes. When Dave started IPA, I had a lot going on but still made time to join.

    The culture at the gym is great because of Dave, other coaches, and members. We have hilarious fun at the right times, but the coaches are intent about helping people safely achieve results based on our abilities. The coaches help you tailor the workouts and there isn't any pressure to push beyond reasonable limits. Both coaches and members are supportive and encouraging. Friendly, accepting people, down to earth, and not a snooty or clicky environment.

    I am also working with Elicia in the EAT Nutrition program and am achieving excellent results. If you're like me, you've read a lot of books and tried a lot of things to manage your weight with mixed results that weren't sustainable. Working with Elicia, I've learned how to eat healthy foods I like in the right amounts. I finally have a real solution that I can maintain long term.

    To cover some other details I tend to take for granted:
    The location is easy to access.
    There is plenty of room, plenty of equipment, and a park nearby.
    There is a changing room, shower, and kids area.
    The class times accommodate almost any schedule, which is a major factor for me.
    I like the Wodify account that is included in the membership to see the workouts, record my results, and see how other members performed.
    There are food items available which has saved me when I needed to grab something quick.

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Opening times

Sunday 09:00 AM — 04:30 PM
Monday 06:00 AM — 08:00 PM
Tuesday 06:00 AM — 08:00 PM
Wednesday 06:00 AM — 08:00 PM
Thursday 06:00 AM — 08:00 PM
Friday 06:00 AM — 06:30 PM
Saturday 08:30 AM — 11:00 AM

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